The Human Library

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Medina Library
Medina Community Room A+B

Event Details

We've all heard, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but what if we applied that to people? Drop by to check out a "human book" who has faced adversity or prejudice through their life. Ask questions and gain understanding about someone different from you. Book titles and topics listed below: "Asian-American Politician" with Mayor Ron Falconi- Life as a leader who is also a minority "Living in Recovery" with Stefanie Robinson- Learn about recovering from drug and alcohol addiction "Growing up Transgender" with Aaron Demlow "Thriving in a World Without Hope" with Kimberly Miller - Driven to be more than just a sterotype "Women in India" with Vaishali Gandhi- Challenges for women in Indian culture "Alzheimer's Daughter" with Jean Lee- Having two parents with Alzheimer's "Wounded Marine" with Bryan Carpenter- Recovering from injury and disability "Amish to English" with Lisa Yoder- Leaving the Amish lifestyle behind "I Look Beautiful" with Ashley Rienerth- Living without sight "What's Faith Got to Do With It?" with Michael Readinger- From discrimination to religious acceptance. Check out our YouTube video for more info. made by Medina County Career Center Students!
Event Type(s): Arts & Music, Books & Authors
Age Group(s): Adult